Hello world!

Hello, everyone!

Simone here to welcome you to the new Simone Fitness Website.
Please let me know what you think of the new look and I hope you find the information here useful.


6 Responses to “Hello world!”
  1. El Socio says:

    Simone… quiero felicitarte por tu nuevo website… está buenísimo… Mucho éxito y felices fiestas…

  2. El Socio says:

    Saludos a Simone, el mejor entrenador personal del mundo…

  3. Dice: Are you taking Vitamin C and Zinc??? When Weather changing like spring, summer, autumn, winter, can lower your immune system !! Getting enough vitamin C and zinc will boost your immune system and protect you from infections. Of course do not forget to drink plenty of water and your regular daily exercises! 20/30 minutes cardio will be perfect! have nice day La Vita es Bella Ciao

  4. Idalia says:

    Hola!!! leo tu columna todos los martes en El Nuevo Herald, quisiera hacerte una pregunta!! hace poco me someti a un tummy tuck pero ahora se me notan mas los rollitos de los lados!! q ejercicio seria el ideal para bajarlos??

  5. habano76 says:

    Hi Simone,

    Congratulations for your new website !!! I found it very useful – I’ve enrolled to receive ‘My Workout’ with the daily routine with diet included.
    I’d recommed you to open a space for all of those who want to upload picts of ‘before’ and ‘after’ having followed our customized workout for a quite time and show results. I would be more than happy to share mines with others. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to receive advises and a workout program from a Celebrity Trainer with such success like you.
    People out there: Come and join us to Simone’s space on the web and let’s be part of a physical and mental change in our lives.

    Cheers, thx.


  6. Brigette says:

    Fantastic! Very clean, inspiring, informative and easy to navigate~ I’m very proud for you!

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