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Celebrity trainer Simone Cavalletti is from the small town of Montefano, on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. His parents recognizing his special talents introduced him to the world of sports, where he quickly excelled in soccer, track & field and gymnastics. In these early years, Simone showed an amazing natural athletic ability.

This natural ability combined with his ambition and passion motivated him to study physical therapy. When Simone was not in the classroom or training, you would find him assisting in handicap facilities, here is were he achieved the understanding of muscle mobility.

Simone Cavalletti received his degrees in physical therapy, yet his ambitions and thirst for knowledge demanded more, so not yet satisfied he returned to school, to Specialize in Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Applied Kinesthesiology.

This enabled, Simone to open new horizons for his training and he incorporated these newer techniques for his clients with much success. This intern made him truly elite and unlike any other trainers in his field. This success has given Simone Cavalletti an array of celebrity clients from Miami, New York, Los Angeles and internationally.

Clients such as Emilio Estefan asked Simone to be part of the TV show called “Nuevas Voces de America” as the contestant’s trainer, helping them to lose weight, gain confidence and get in shape.
Simone Cavalletti is being featured weekly on one of the highest rated shows on television Sábado Gigante hosted by Don Francisco.
Simone Cavalletti as a Fitness expert consultant he has been featured in a range of local and nationwide TV & Radio shows.
Simone Cavalletti has a weekly column for El Nuevo Herald motivating and educating the public.
Simone Cavalletti is a true inspiration; he opened a unique kids club, along with Alex Costa. The All Star Kids Club was born with the main objective to teach kids the importance of exercise and good nutrition for an optimum health. In the true belief that “kids are our future”.
Simone Cavalletti has over 15 years experience in the fitness field, and continues to strive for excellence in the well being of others.

This amazing celebrity trainer, Simone Cavalletti still takes time to donate his services to benefit the community as well as participating in many charities. He not only re-enforces philosophy with his actions, but also with his mantra “If you are in shape you are healthy” because “la vita és bella”.

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